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Wet City Spirits is Gothenburg’s first dedicated Organic distillery. The name - Wet City Spirits -  refers to the endless rain in Gothenburg as well as the water surrounding the city. When the founders started thinking about design for the bottles, they soon realized they wanted to collaborate with local artists with an understanding for Gothenburg and the atmospheres it creates. This is where I entry the story. I was given the privilege of being the first artist to adorn no less than their first three gin bottles.

Wet City Spirits: Projekt
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A Gin for all occasions. Fresh, deep and complex, sculpted with twelve botanicals.


A Gin to be enjoyed with friends. Fruity and vibrant composed of ten botanicals, with lasting floral notes and a balanced palate.


Deep and dramatic, full strength gin textured with beeswax, mellowing the higher ABV against the aromatic protagonists.

Wet City Spirits: Projekt
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