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Upcycling is about transformation. A kind of creative, value-increasing reuse where something old becomes something new and improved. All my work is made out of old, unwanted, canvases purchased second hand. A innovative reuse where the end product becomes something new of higher quality and value.

About: Om


My dedication to abstract, non-figurative art lies in the fact that it does not portray an absolute reality or truth. The artist has an unlimited opportunity to influence the observer with the choice of color and shape, technology and structure. At the same time the viewer is completely free to decide for themself what it portrays. It calls for imagination, innovation and creativity. The idea that nothing becomes something if you look closely creates boundless possibilities.

About: Tjänster


Each painting carries its own unique story. Behind the top layer of painting lies a past, a different before. A before that once was wanted and desired, yet somehow along the way lost its value and purpose. So this becomes that. It’s an exciting mission and an artistic privilege to create and provide a new purpose.

As a clue, the title of my works usually reveals something about its past. This one, for example, is called Marilyn.

Marilyn unfinished 1.jpg
About: Tjänster
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